I am a freelance software developer currently living in Denver, CO. I specialize in iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Flex development. I am a mobile development enthusiast. Check out my projects, read my blog, or contact me to learn more about what I do.

From My Blog

  • TextMate 2 Roundup Review

    Last December, MacroMates (finally) posted an alpha of TextMate 2. This was an exciting sign for many of us that had all but given up hope that TextMate 2 would ever be released. The most recent major release of TextMate (version 1.5) occurred in 2006. TextMate has been in need of an overhaul for many years now. I have long since switched to Coda, then to BBEdit, then to MacVim, then back to Coda, then back to BBEdit.

  • A Review of Apple's iPhone 5

    I was lucky to snag a White 32GB iPhone 5 last week from the FlatIron Crossing Apple Store. I had originally planned to pre-order the new iPhone as soon as possible, but when I found out the screen on the iPhone 5 was larger I decided to wait a little while to see how people reacted to the device.

    As always with Apple products, waiting turned out to be a bad idea.

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Recent Projects

  • Home Runs Home Runs is a social sports network featuring athlete profiles and a collection of athletic achievements and highlights.
  • EleTellEm Android Place phone calls and send text messages automatically with EleTellEm. The app lets you schedule voice and SMS messages to be sent at a specific date in the future. It also lets you schedule recurring messages.
  • Edition29 Housed EDITION29 HOUSED lets the architects and builders of dwellings from across the globe tell the story behind these modern habitats. Each Issue contains over 150 pages of stunning photography, audio, text and video that brings to life these amazing structures.

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